We help Austin restaurants thrive through quarantine.

FoodStories helps restaurants and chefs in Austin launch a full-scale delivery-only business in just a few days.


we help create delivery-focused restaurants 

We help chefs launch delivery-focused restaurants in un-utilized kitchen space.

Around 40,000 service industry professionals in Austin are about to lose their jobs and income source because of the consequences of lockdown and the COVID-19 quarantine. While many people are struggling with poor food and delivery quality, we are working to get your favorite restaurants delivered.

  • The Food Austinites Love

    Top restaurants in Austin, creating limited menus and new dishes that have never been available anywhere else before.

  • Giving Back to the Community

    Our mission is to help keep the food service industry workers of Austin keep their jobs, and to bring back money to Austins favorite restaurants.


Jobs saved

in Austin


Donated to victims of lock-down

since March 21st



delivered to Austinites



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high-quality services and organic products

We Are Different From Other Virtual Kitchen Companies 

Austin's Top Restaurants

We approached Austin's top restaurants to create unique menus from your favorite chefs.

We Use Existing Closed Kitchen Space

And share revenue with owners, so their rent and staffing cost is not as hard to carry.

Give Back to Community 

We give a portion of our revenue back to the food service workers who lost jobs or wages in wake of COVID-19.


Unique Menu Experiences

We work with Austins top chefs to create once-in-a-lifetime food experiences, powered by your favorite restaurants.

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adapting to the new wave of delivery 

We Use the Kitchens of Closed Restaurants to Launch Delivery Only Concepts

In the wake of COVID-19 many restaurant owners have had to close their restaurants, but they are still paying the rent and need to support their families and staff. That is why we...

    Use existing facilities and help owners cover their existing overhead
    Help restaurants keep their staff
    Utilize resources restaurants already have to give delivery customers a unique experience

work with us

We're Open for Collaboration with Chefs and Restaurant Owners

1. Contact us by filling out the quick form.

We will get in touch as soon as possible for an initial conversation. 

2. Let's jump on a call and discuss the options.

Let's set up a virtual meeting to chat about menu options, logistics, and more.

3. We become your reliable partner. 

We sign a contract in which all terms and obligations are stipulated.